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About Discount Helium of Dallas

Discount Helium of Dallas is family-owned and operated in Mesquite, TX. Since our company opened its doors in 1994, we’ve treated every customer like they are family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  

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 Discount Helium of Dallas ® 1331 E. Highway 80 Suite 7, Mesquite, TX 75150
Why choose a local, independent supplier over a large, national company or broker?
Our customers find that we have more locally available assets to meet their needs than our multi-national corporate competitors.​

National suppliers (like Praxair or Airgas) don't have coverage in every city and market.  They have to broker helium in the areas that they do not have locations.  

If it is not a national gas supplier like Praxair or Airgas, then they are likely a helium broker  (like Zephyr).  A helium broker places your order with a distributor, often an independent/local supplier like us, who then handles your delivery. Buying directly from a local source saves you the middleman upcharge.

Buying local helps your community.  Buying local benefits your business in others ways too:

        →    Orders are delivered immediately.  No more delays.

        →    You get answers!  You are not calling a call center in another state.  You get personal,                     hands on service from someone in your own community.

        →    You are buying DIRECT.  No more middle-man upcharge.

        →    Brokers typically contract with the lowest priced suppliers.  These suppliers are not                     necessarily the safest, most reliable supplier options. 

        →    Our drivers are able to make repairs to balloon inflators on site.  They will also leak check                     a customers equipment if asked or if there is a concern.  Undetected leaks waste                     helium and can be very costly.  $$

        →    We are flexible and can offer alternate fee structures.

        →    We work closely with other leading independent suppliers in other markets to offer                     coverage outside the North Texas region.

        →    We are not limited to just gas.  We are also a full line balloon distributor.  You can save                     money by getting all your helium, balloons and equipment from one local source.                      Saves freight costs and time!