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Used to fill balloons, MRI, welding
Compressed Gas
Available in 40 cf, 80 cf, 110 cf, 219 cf and 291 cf tanks
If you have any questions concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Used in restaurants to provide carbonation for their beverages and paintball
Compressed Gas
Available in 20 and 50# size,  Siphon tanks also available
Beer Gas
Used in restaurants with nitrogenated beers and long draw lines
Compressed Gas, a combination of co2 and nitrogen
Available in 55 cf and 200+ cf sizes
Used to fill balloons in place of air or helium and to fill car tires
Compressed Gas
Available 200+ cf sizes
We carry all the supplies you need to give your next event a LIFT!
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Balloons and Accessories
Gas cylinders should always be used properly and safely.  Be sure to check with your local fire marshal  or city code for specific requirements to ensure your tanks are safe and secure.  We carry a full line of equipment keep your tanks, employees and customers safe.   Learn more...
Cylinder and Safety Equipment
We carry a full line of inflators in case there is a specific kind that you would like to purchase.
Balloon Inflators
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Interested in custom imprinted balloons?  Learn more...
Need balloons filled, but don't want to rent a tank?
We have 2 options for you.  You can come in and use our Do It Yourself Fill Station and fill all the balloons yourself.  Or you can preorder a Balloon Bouquet that you pick up on a different day.
FILLED BALLOONS - DIY fill balloon station or pre-ordered balloon bouquet for pick up